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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

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In life we may not always be victorious... however, with your strong desire to always compete, never give-up mentality and a positive attitude, you will never truly know defeat!
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Investment in form of hard work always pay interest in the form of success 
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A mountain is not higher than your confidence because it will be under your feet, if you reach the top."
The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way
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Testbank Bringham: Click Here
Summary Rules for Conjugal and absolute community
Click here
Cost Accounting Testbank Horngren 13e
(Chapters 1-22)
Download link: Click Here

Testbank - Advance Accounting Fischer 9e -Prac

Good News:
Tuloy po ang ating operation until May 30 :)
Anyway we're taking some time off for the holidays and prepare for the New Year. May we wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Look for new updates on Jan 3, 2010.

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 Updates: ( Dec 23, 2010)
Baker 8e Advance Accounting Testbanks

Be Yourself... There will be challenges to face and changes to make in your life, and it is up to you to accept them. Constantly keep yourself headed in the right direction for you. It may not be easy at times, but in those times of struggle you will find a stronger sense of who you are.

Update: 12/20/10
Principles of Auditing and Other Assurance Services by Whittington and Pany Testbank
(Chapter  1-21)

Status: Solman request temporarily down - due to Rica's resignation.

Update: 12/17/10
Intermediate Accounting by Kieso, Weygandt and Warfield Testbank
(Chapter 1-24)

Added to Inventory: SM
Fundamentals of Financial Management by Vanhorne

Hi Everyone, 

This is Rica, due to commitments I will no longer be able to work with ph-accountancy anymore. To all of you, thank you for the support. 

Advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Take care


PS: Thank you ph-accountancy admins and members.. especially to Kairus.

Updates: (Donation) Dec 15, 2010
Auditing and Assurance Services an Integrated Approach, 13th edition Arens, Elder, Beasley Testbank
(Chapter 1 -26)
Advance Accounting by Beams, Anthony,Clement  Test Banks (Chapter 1-22)

Sorry guys, if this took so long.. Everyone here is busy -Katie

Updates: (Donations) ( Dec 12, 2010)
Prac - Advance Accounting Test Bank - Hoyle9e
Chapter 1-19
Added to Inventory
Intermediate Accounting , Kieso, Weygandt, Warfield 13e SM 7z
Garisson 13e SM

Added to inventory ( Dec 04, 2010)
Cost Accounting by Carter

Never worry about the delay in success because construction of WONDERS takes more time than ordinary building.

Added to inventory ( Dec 1, 2010)
Robles and Empleo Intermediate Accounting Vol 3

Added to inventory:
Robles and Empleo Financial Accounting Part 1
How to request? please at least learn how to read!

PRTC - Final Pre board Prac 1 - 09/27/09
Donated by: Marialuz
Answer key: HERE (Fixed)

Summary: IFRS for SME (Small/Medium Enterprise)
Click Here (donated by wiku)

Back to work..
*Request section for students (now for 4th year students only)

AP-1. CPAR - Suggested Answers (Key only)
(learn how to compute!)

AP-1. CPAR- Audit of Liabilities
P1- Wileys 2010 Interpretation and Application of IFRS

Added to inventory:
MAS - Garisson (SM )

BLT (Audio Books by Wilfredo A. Carpentero) (mp3)
P1 (Wiley's Financial Accounting and Reporting Problem 2004-2005)
AP (Wiley's Auditing and Attestation Problems 2004-2005)
IFRS (2009) You can download it here
MAS (E-book : Test of Professional Competence in M.A)
MAS (E-book: M.A Performance Evaluation)
MAS (E-book: Environmental Management Accounting)
MAS (PPT presentation: Noreen)

How to request for solution manuals? view it here

"We would like to inform you that from now on solution manuals in this blog will be handled by Rica (CPA/Auditor)! Information on how to request for this manuals will be posted here later. -Atan
Uploaded: (November 6, 2010)
P1 - Correction of Error
P1 - Accounting Changes
Donated by: Ruben Leyba
Uploaded: (August 17, 2010)
Files without answer keys
Auditing Prob - Audit of Receivables
Prac 1 - Correction of Error
Prac 1 - Income Statement 1
Prac 1 - Income Statement 2
Prac 1 - Review of the Accounting Process
Aud Theory - Code of Ethics (w/ answers)

Uploaded: (August 15, 2010)
Business Law- Negotiable Instruments
Theory of Accounts 1-1: Accounting Concepts

Uploaded: (August 11, 2010)
PRAC 1 - reviewer
PRAC 2 - Job Order costing
PRAC 2 - Process costing
Auditing Theory - quizzer
Auditing Problems - Mock exam
Auditing Problems - quizzer
Notes - TOA/P1/P2 section

Uploaded: (August 9, 2010)
*Hilton Testbanks on Management Accounting
-Another Donation

Uploaded: (August 8, 2010)
*Prof. Bobadilla Review Materials on MAS
-A donation from our fellow reviewees

Uploaded: (August 8, 2010)
*CPAR MAS review materials (quizzer)
-donated by Mr. Jose Andress Gonzales

-Difficult and Clincher

To those people who donated review materials here:
-Thank you very much for helping us!

Need Solution Manuals?
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Auditing Theory by Cabrera

Applied Auditing 2010 by Cabrera

Advance Accounting 1 by Guerrero

Advance Accounting 2 by Guerrero

Income Taxation by Valencia and Roxas

Business and Transfer Taxation by Valencia and Roxas

Cost Accounting by de Leon

Auditing Theory by Salosagcol

Management Accounting by Cabrera

Management Accounting Franklin Agamata

MAS by Louderback

MAS by Agamata

Financial Accounting 1 by Valix

Financial Accounting 2 by Valix

Financial Accounting 3 by Valix

Baysa and Lupisan advance accounting 1

MAS by Garisson

Robles and Empleo Financial Accounting Part 1

Robles and Empleo Intermediate Accounting Vol. 3

-Currently Not available-

1. Baysa and Lupisan advance accounting 2

2. WinLu Ballada Income and Business Transfer

3. Robles and Empleo

4. Financial Accounting Valix 2010 or 2011 edition